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Scarsdale Capital is a Los Angeles based asset manager with a unique approach to investing in stressed and distressed assets.

Our name may be new, but our principals have delivered market leading returns across multiple cycles in high-yielding assets in the United States and Europe.

investment focus

We specialize in middle market opportunities in high-yield bonds, bank loans, private debt, rescue financing and levered equities, many of which are too small for larger alternative fixed income managers to participate.

Publicly Traded Bonds & Bank Debt

Publicly traded credit typically consists of $1+ billion capital structures. Within this space, we create value for investors by identifying opportunities in overlooked bonds and loans that have fallen off the radar due to their size, liquidity or sector.

Private Debt & Rescue Financing

Private debt held by loan-hungry, ratings-driven CLOs can become mispriced at various points in the credit cycle, particularly as rating downgrades accelerate. In addition, as default rates climb, rescue financing opportunities often provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to experienced investors.

Post-Reorg & Levered Equities

Although not the core focus of the firm, our extensive experience investing in levered and post-reorg equities in both the US and Europe offers investors small-but-attractive exposure to situations with asymmetric upside potential and limited correlation to broader credit and equity indices.

Our Team

Founder & CIO
Mr. Srinivasan has over 20 years of finance and investment experience, most recently with Marathon Asset Management as Global Head of Research.
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